Je suis extrêmement heureuse d’avoir eu Nadia comme photographe, c’est incroyable comme elle se déplace come une ninja, on ne la voit pas et sur ses photos on dirait qu’elle est partout à la fois. De plus elle a un oeil professionnel, mes invités sont tous ravis des photos et moi la première!
Je récommende très vivement Nadia Audigié, elle a fait mon mariage et c’était génial, tant sur la qualité des photos que sur la discrétion pendant tout l’événement. Personne ultra sympa.
On doit te dire qu’on ne trouve pas simplement que tes photos sont jolies, mais elle sont absolument sublimes !!!! Tu est super douée! Tu a capté tous les moments importants et plein d’expressions géniales des gens. On a réellement l’impression de revivre notre mariage en voyant les photos. Merci pour cet immense cadeau que tu nous a fait! Tous les gens qui ont vu les photos les ont adoré. On a eu beaucoup de compliments sur la qualité. Et tu as été ultra rapide. Merci pour ton efficacité!
Nadia took pictures of our wedding in Prague and I seriously doubt anyone would do better job than her. All our guests and friends were amazed by the photos. She did much better job than I could imagine so I highly recommend her.
Thank you so-very-much for the photos - they are wondersome! 🙂 Also thank you for the patience with us and - in addition to a cool photo session and getting up ridiculously early - thank you for the fun chats we had! The Estonian-style family portrait is spot on! May it also serve as a guide for you to further spot a laughing Estonian.
While taking your photograph Nadia has a way of making you feel perfectly at ease. After experiencing a session of her photography for yourself, you will be able to honestly say with Nadia by your side “Damn, I’m beautiful”
We were very happy you were a part of our engagement and my girlfriend has told me a lot of times already how awesome she thinks you are and how comfortable she felt and the fun she had!
Nadia - the women, the myth, the legend. This gal is professional and yet wonderfully down to earth - she helps you feel comfortable and joyous in your own skin while she expertly captures stunning shots. She is passionate about her work and has an ability to capture memories that tell your story. You can't help but smile as you look back and remember the day! Working with Nadia is so worth it !!
Thoroughly satisfied with the service! Nadia Audigié has been friendly, professional and quick. I’m really happy with the consistently high quality photos she provided and really enjoy her artistic vision. Definitely highly recommend!
It was a great experience to take pictures with Nadia. She is very professional, but we had a lot of fun! She has the gift to make the best with who you are. The result is stunning. She has the eye and the inspiration in a very creative way. And she makes you feel very comfortable with the camera and beautiful, even for the first time. She does an awesome job!
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Our experience with Nadia was more than pleasant. She made us feel very comfortable and at ease. She is very friendly and she went out of her way to meet our expectations. The result is high quality and the pictures truly captured us. You won’t regret working with Nadia!
My wife and I were amazed of the photos Nadia provided for our wedding day. They both complied as much in quality and quantity which is rare! We were delighted to see that Nadia documented our wedding with a great attention to details and did a wonderful job for the group photos as well as the shots taken during the toast. We recommend her without any hesitation.
Очаровательный фотограф Надя, которая создаёт фотографии, наполненные проникновенной глубиной, при этом очень лёгкие и воздушные.
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We loved the photos! Thank you for your great work. If only my leg was not broken I believe we’d have many other great photos =)
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