Nadia Audigié Portrait with a Japanese maple tree

Photo Credit Kim Tatiana

Nadia Audigié Taking Portrait Photos at Lac Blanc

Photo Credit Andrei Arîcu

Photographers: first they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall.

Hi, I’m a professional photographer based in Strasbourg, France and let me tell you this place is magical.  Alsace was the inspiration for a lot of the visuals from “Howl’s Moving Castle”  (studio Ghibli) and the animated “Beauty and the Beast” and I get to live and work here. Did I mention we have one of the best Christmas Markets every year?

All of this could be the background to your dream photoshoot and I would be your photographer. My personal style is “relax and breath, I want a photo of the real you not a pale stiff imitation, now pretend I said something funny”.

I thrive on portraits that make you relive who you were in that moment of your life.

If you want to capture your amazing self drop me an email so I can plan your favourite photoshoot ever.

Be sure to follow my Instagram for photo inspiration and a yearly Christmas countdown featuring the most beautiful Christmas markets.

Side note. I do my best to run a zero paper business as my small contribution to being ecologically responsible, so all the documents you get from me (quotes, payment slips etc.) will be electronic. Also all partners to whom I outsource printing and manufacturing are eco-responsible French companies.

Do you want to give a photoshoot as a gift to a friend? Or maybe you’re planning a hen party in Alsace? Whether you have a vague idea or a 20 step plan for a photoshoot – I’m here to help. 

The best way to reach me is through email at or through this contact form. I respond within 24 hours (unless it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, because then I’ll be otherwise engaged), if you didn’t get an answer you might want to check your Spam folder.

If you are looking for a quote tailored to your needs please follow this link to a more detailed questionnaire.


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