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Julia & Aaron

2 years after they took couple photos in this orchard – they come back with a baby bump! The magic of pumpkin season! PS The baby arrived just a couple of days later=))


Pierre and Doreen

A couple French – Taiwanese couple from Sweden  (I know, right!) had their wedding in Alsace and I had the privilege of capturing the moment. What makes it even better is the fact that the groom is a fellow photography enthusiast, so he knows where it’s at 😉  The whole day was amazing, starting with the bride pretending to put on make-up just for me and down to a bunch of people running down the street  being chased by a T-rex!




Little Thomas will be a rockstar one day and I will boast that I was there to capture his first days in the world. And it seems like he and Framboise ( the doggy) are already kicking it, chill-style.


Utku & Hilal

A most smiling couple that I had the pleasure to meet in March. Neither the wind nor the cold could get to them. Many years of happiness to you both!
















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Foxx Family

The lovely Foxx family has a new foxy member and he’s the cutest and most serious baby. This one is going to be a heart-breaker I can tell =)




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Sarah and the Vosges

What do you do on a sunny weekend? I make people hike to mountain lakes and take pictures.

The place is truely amazing as well as Sarah, who patiently climbed every rock that looked good)



I’m what you might call an action hoarder, but the thing is, after the initial “Oh yes! I need this in my life!” most actions just sit there, because they are a bit too “special”. Here is where the Sleeklens actions enter. I am currently using the “Landscape Adventure collection” and it really does add that extra 10% and cuts editing time. There are basic actions that let you tweak details like highlights, clarity, etc. and “all in one” actions, that give you a finished effect. They may seem a little too extra at first but you can make good use of the masks and give the photo a polished look. I’m obsessed with the Morning light action at the moment. I’ve only just started fiddling around with these actions but they are sure to become an integral part of my workflow.

P.s. You can also apply these to portraits 😉


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Wisteria Lane

There is this magical place in Strasbourg where just for a brief time in the spring you can be transported into a fairytale. The only downside to photoshoots there is the amout of people who also want to be a part of the beauty, so you’ll end up spending a lot of time waiting around to get the feet out of the capture)

Sakura Time

A great spring day when we turned over every blossoming tree and bush over in Esplanade, Strasbourg. As it turns out taking photos on a cloudy day has its advantages.