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Florence in Brittany

Beginning of March is not a very warm time but we had a vision and we went for it because that is how we roll. Also as the weather in Brittany is crazy and so if you see the sun it doesn’t mean it’s going to be there in 10 minutes. And that means go go go! So imagine this – early morning, 5 degrees Celsius, high tide ( which we didn’t expect at all), and this courageous lady in a dress, well and also me running around like crazy so I’m freezing and sweating at the same time XD

Anyways, fun times.




Wisteria Lane

There is this magical place in Strasbourg where just for a brief time in the spring you can be transported into a fairytale. The only downside to photoshoots there is the amout of people who also want to be a part of the beauty, so you’ll end up spending a lot of time waiting around to get the feet out of the capture)

Sakura Time

A great spring day when we turned over every blossoming tree and bush over in Esplanade, Strasbourg. As it turns out taking photos on a cloudy day has its advantages.